2010 Eugene Stoner Team Match


Date: Sunday July 18, 2010. Sign up 8:00-8:30am, Match begins promptly at 8:30 am.


Location: Santa Clara County Field Sports Park. Take 101 South to the Bernal road exit and Bernal Road to Monterey Highway South.

Make a left turn at the Metcalf road and over 101. Take Maleach road to the range. This Match will be held on the 200 yd range.


Open To: Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club vs. San Jose Zouaves.


Rifle Classification: This match is primarily intended for service AR-15/M16 rifles. A secondary rifle classification, “Match Rifle” may shoot AR-framed rifles, including “Space Rifles” of any caliber. The team with the highest score of the top ten service rifle scores will take the match.


Fees: $20.00 adult, $5.00 Jr. (includes range fee and lunch to be served at the end of the match). This fee does not include ammo.


Ammo: Hand loads are allowed.


Course of Fire: 50 Shot National Match Course (each relay will shoot through the Course of Fire).

Sighter Stage- Any position, 5 rounds, 5 minutes.

Stage 1- Offhand Slow Fire, 10 rounds, 10 minutes.

Stage 2- Rapid Sitting, 10 rounds, 60 seconds.

Stage 3- Rapid Prone, 10 rounds, 70 seconds

Stage 4- Slow Prone, 20 rounds, 20 minutes.


Targets: 200 yard reduced course targets for: 200 yd, 300 yd, 600 yd targets.


Rules: NRA rules apply. Range officer has the final word.


Applications: Sign up the day of the match. For more information contact Steven Reyes @ (408) 358-2707.