NRA# R1563 San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club June 6 2010
CMP# Y62186 Santa Clara County Field Sports Park John C. Garand

Course of Fire HP-(e) Match



and Slow

Slow Rapid Fire
Competitor Standing Prone Prone Total

Match Winner
David C(m) 90-0X 195-4X* 199-9X* 484-13X

Dean P(m) 89-0X 191-3X 194-7X 474-10X
Charlie M(s) 78-0X 178-2X 184-1X 440-3X

Eric A(m) 86-0X 184-1X 189-6X 459-7X
Wesley G(m) 94-3X* 168-1X 196-4X 458-8X
Ken D(s) 78-0X 183-2X 194-4X 455-6X
Peter M(s) 82-2X 180-3X 192-4X 454-9X
Duane D(s) 84-0X 173-1X 187-3X 444-4X
Jerry S(s) 88-0X 161-2X 177-0X 426-2X
Gary L(m) 79-1X 155-0X 185-1X 419-2X
Mike C(s) 56-0X 171-2X 174-2X 401-4X

Charles G(s) 88-1X 182-3X 194-3X 464-7X
Tim M(s) 71-1X 156-1X 184-1X 411-3X
Jim R(s) 80-1X 153-0X 176-2X 409-3X
Jim R(m) 78-0X 163-0X 153-0X 394-0X
Stacey B(s) 57-1X 140-0X 181-1X 378-2X
Ray G(m) 59-0X 135-0X 179-0X 373-0X

Derek T(s) 78-0X 169-2X 178-2X 425-4X
Emily H(s) 80-0X 158-2X 171-1X 409-3X
Kyle M(s) 45-0X 160-1X 179-2X 384-3X
George R(s) 57-0X 149-0X 172-1X 378-1X
Sophie T(s) 36-0X 119-0X 153-0X 308-0X


*: High Stage

^: Match Rifle

~: F Class

+: Relic
Location: Santa Clara County
#: All Stages Shot Prone Next Match: June 5 2011 8:00 AM Shooting Sports Center