NRA# R1563 Stoner Match July 18 2010
CMP# Y62186 Santa Clara County Field Sports Park

Course of Fire HP-(e) S.C.V.R.C. and S.J.Z.

Slow Rapid Rapid Slow
Team Aggregate
Standing Sitting Prone Prone Total

Match Winner
Santa Clara Valley
340-2X* 365-4X 375-8X* 721-6X 1801-20X

Runner Up
San Jose Zouaves
325-4X 373-3X* 359-7X 723-7X* 1780-21X

Slow Rapid Rapid Slow
Adult Individual
Standing Sitting Prone Prone Total

Match Winner
Wes G, SJZ(s) 87-0X 100-1X* 99-4X* 193-3X* 479-8X

Gary L, SJZ(s) 91-1X 95-1X 92-2X 187-3X 465-7X
Steven R, SCVRC(s) 80-1X 96-2X 96-4X 190-1X 462-8X
Dean P, SCVRC(s) 95-0X* 94-2X 98-2X 174-1X 461-5X
Eric A, SJZ(s) 88-2X 92-1X 90-0X 185-1X 455-4X
Frank H, SCVRC(s) 76-1X 87-1X 78-0X 168-0X 409-2X

Mike C, SCVRC(s) 83-0X 85-0X 87-0X 185-2X 440-2X
Than H, SCVRC(s) 82-1X 90-0X 94-2X 172-2X 438-5X

Tim F, SJZ(s) 59-1X 86-0X 78-1X 158-0X 381-2X

David Y, SCVRC 78-0X 95-0X 71-0X 151-2X 395-2X

Slow Rapid Rapid Slow
Juniors Standing Sitting Prone Prone Total

Match Winner
Derek T 90-0X* 87-0X 86-1X* 173-1X* 436-2X

George R 75-0X 89-0X 83-0X 169-2X 416-2X
Emily H 75-1X 90-0X* 81-2X 161-1X 407-4X
Cheryl B 90-0X* 84-0X 82-1X 147-0X 403-1X
Brian B 69-0X 83-2X 70-0X 143-0X 365-2X


*: High Stage
SCVRC: Santa Clara Valley Shooting Club
(m): Match Rifle
SJZ: San Jose Zouaves
(s): Service

(o): Optics
Location: Santa Clara County
#: All Stages Shot Prone
Shooting Sports Center