Steel Bonus Match

5/7/11 After the XC Match

This is the next in a series of Steel Time and Accuracy Matches. These are shot after the normal across-the-course match and consist of short strings of fire done by one shooter at a time in turn on steel plates set at various distances. The score for each string is the time taken to complete the course plus the time added for each miss. A shooter may shoot the course as many times as he or she wishes.

Course of Fire: 6 rounds.

  • Shooter will start standing with an unloaded, bolt open rifle behind a rifle rack (simulates a wall) placed in front of the line.

  • At the start signal move to the rifle rack, load two rounds and from the top of the rifle rack, engage two steel targets with one shot each in tactical order, i.e., the closest target first. The targets will be at random distances between 100 and 200 yards.

  • With rifle empty and bolt open transition to a trash barrel, load two rounds and engage two steel targets with one shot each in tactical order. The shots may be taken from either side of the barrel or with the rifle on top of the barrel as the shooter chooses. The barrel represents cover and the shooter must have a substantial portion of his body behind the barrel. Shots taken from the barrel side may be from any position other than prone. This simulates an obstruction blocking a prone shot.

  • With an empty rifle move to a jumble of wood blocks (simulates fallen bricks) and engage two metal plates with one shot each in tactical order from behind the blocks. The shooter may arrange the blocks to provide an optimum shooting position. Time ends with the last shot.

Penalties: 10 seconds for each miss and 10 seconds for each target not taken in tactical order.


  • During staging

    • All rifles unloaded with bolts open.

    • Magazine gun shooters may carry a maximum of three loaded mags.

  • Transitions

    • Bolt guns transition empty with bolt open.

    • Gas guns transition with bolt open, magazine out.

  • Any support may be used

    • If it starts attached to the rifle, e.g., bipod, it stays attached.

    • If it is unattached, e.g., shooting sticks, the shooter must carry it from the start to the end of the stage.

    • Ammunition.30 caliber or less

    • No steel core, steel jacket or AP.


  • Bolt Iron

  • Bolt Optics

  • Gas Iron

  • Gas Optics

  • Garands

  • Relics

We have two and five round clips for Garand users to borrow.

We will accommodate as many shooters as would like to compete.

Free to juniors and to shooters who participate in the regular club match. $10 for all others.