Time and Accuracy Match

These matches consist of a single shooter at a time shooting at steel plates set at various distances. the time taken to complete the course 
plus time penalties for misses is the score.

The course this time will be 6 shots. you can shoot it as many times as time and ammunition allow.

You may use any rifle and sight combination you wish. gas operated, bolt action, lever gun, relics, etc. with iron or optics. separate  divisions will be created for the various hardware that show up.

  • Ammunition is limited to .30 cal or less. AP, steel core, and steel jacketed rounds are prohibited.
  • No additional match fees are required if you shoot the normal highpower match. otherwise, $10.
A few notes. 

Transitions will be made with open bolts. gas/recoil operated rifles with detachable box magazines will transition with open bolt and magazine out - 3 lo-caps are recommended for this match. All rounds will be carried by the shooter at the start of the stage.

Any support is allowed in all positions. slings, bipods, straps, rucks, sand socks, benchrests, etc. however, all support will start undeployed and must be carried thru each transition.

You can use whatever support you wish to use. the only rules are:

  1 - when you start the stage standing, if your support starts attached to your rifle, you will end the stage with it still attached 

  2 - you may not pre-stage any equipment

  3 - you may not leave your support behind (ie: you end carrying the same amount of gear that you start with with the exception of 6 rounds and dropped magazines

No AP, steel core, or steel jacketed - they eat our steel plates. check to see if your rounds are attracted by a magnet. Plates are 10" and roughly square and these will be set somewhere between 100 and 180 yards. the longest shot is 200 yards at the barn door gongs.