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Classification Table

Our classification method is similar to that of NRA competition, with slight differences in the cutoffs. We also omit the Master and High Master Classifications. Our classifications are for club purposes only and do not apply at other venues.

Your highest score in a regular match determines your classification. Scores shot at a practice match do not count towards classification.

A shooter may make a one-time request to be permanently classified lower than their best score. This request is made to the XO in consultation with the score records-keeper.

Here is a Classification table for our 50 shot course of fire:

Expert90% to 100% (450 thru 500)
Sharpshooter80% to 89.9%(400 thru 449)
Marksman70% to 79.9%(350 thru 399)
Unclassifiedless than 70%(0 thru 349)