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FAQ, Operations

How does the club work?
The San Jose Zouaves is comprised of a volunteer membership (Nobody is paid!) and all participation (including joining) is strictly voluntary.  You are expected to "Pull Your Own Weight", by pitching in where you can help.  If you don't understand what to do or how to help, just ask, and somebody will show you what needs to be done.  No one person is expected to do it all, and when everyone pitches in, it is surprising how little everyone has to do.
How do I schedule a special match?

If you are interested in scheduling a special match or some other event, you may email the club.

When does the club meet for business or other binding decisions?

We meet at the Rifle range at each session, 1st Saturday (Practice), 2nd Saturday (Juniors), but regular club meetings take place on the 3rd Saturday, just prior to the Monthly Match.  The only time decisions are made that become binding upon the club, are made at the formal meetings. Other meetings may be scheduled for specific purposes, and are open to all club members.

The May match day is reserved for our Annual Meeting. At this meeting, we hold elections for new club officers and hear an annual reports on the state of the club.

Who decides if someone can't remain in the club?
In the case where a member has exhibited participation that may be dangerous or detrimental to the club, the club membership as a whole would decide if someone can't remain a member.
Who decides who can join and who can't?
It is up to the individual to decide whether or not to join.  We have members who represent many different sectors of our society, and nobody is turned away unless they are dangerous or detrimental to the safety of others.  It is obvious that should a person be restricted by law from possession of a firearm, they could not be allowed to handle or posses a firearm, though it is not clear if they would be excluded from joining the club.

When Can Zouaves Members Use the Range?

By arrangement with Santa Clara County Field Sports Park, the San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club holds club-sponsored shooting events at the 200 yard range on the first, second, and third Saturdays of every month. In addition to its regular schedule, the club also sponsors a small number of special matches on other days throughout the year by special arrangement with the County. During these activites, Zouaves members are not required to check in at the range office once they have signed their release form and received their "Yellow Card" from the County. Instead, they must obey the club-assigned range officer ( known as the XO) and his assigned duty officers.

 The San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club does not operate or authorize its members to shoot on days other than our club-sponsored events. People wishing to shoot on any range at Field Sports Park MUST follow the normal range procedures for the general public, which start with ALL shooters checking in at the range office and following all park rules and procedures.

Any other arrangements are between individuals and range authorities and are not under the auspices of the San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club

 Who Runs the Club?

The Executive Committee Runs the Club. This Committee consists of four Officers who are elected at the Annual Meeting, the 3rd Saturday in May, for a term of One (1) year. Any eligible club member can be officer. The requirements are an understanding and ability to carry out the responsibilities of your office, and a current membership in good standing. Further details can be located in the club bylaws. The four Officers are:

President: Schedules and presides over the 4 quarterly club meetings where official club business is to be conducted. Represents the club at NRA and other functions, and helps with fundraising and general goodwill towards the club.

Vice President: Assists and backs up the President in his duties.

Executive Officer: Responsible for scheduling and operation of all club matches and activities.

Secretary: Responsible for club finances, contracts, insurance, meeting minutes, annual report.

In addition to the four officers, there are appointed positions which support these functions:

Juniors Director: Responsible for scheduling and operation of all junior activities, including Scout, ROTC groups. Instructs juniors in rifle procedures and safety, acts as Range Officer during Junior shooting activities. Coordinates junior volunteers. Designated by Executive Committee on an indefinite basis.

Webmaster: Responsible for acquiring and configuring club IT services. Creates/edits website content, answers/forwards emails from general public. Publishes submitted material that meets club publishing standards and policy. Configures/maintains scoring system and trains scorekeepers in its use. Moderates club BBS. Designated by Executive Committee on an indefinite basis

Scorekeeper: Responsible for validating and recording shooter information,compiling raw scores into a score bulletin that meets club publishing standards, and submitting the bulletin to the website. Scorekeeper is assigned on a per-match basis by the Executive Officer.
RangeSafety Officer: Responsible for calling match, coordinating target crew, and ensuring range safety during matches. By default the XO is Chief RSO. On match days where the XO shoots on a relay, or is otherwise not available, other qualified individuals will be assigned to act as assistant RSO. RSOs must be familiar with all procedures and instructions associated with a match. Assigned on a per-match basis by the Executive Officer.