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About Our Matches

A typical Zouaves match is conducted on the 200 yard range at the Santa Clara County Shooting Sports facility, using reduced size targets to simulate 300 and 600 yard distances. The facility does not have pits, so in order to conduct a match in an efficient manner the following changes have been made to the typical highpower course of fire:

  • Sighting shots are strictly limited to a five minute firing period at the beginning of the match.
  • Target changes are conducted after each leg of the match.

The typical Zouaves course of fire is:

  • Sighters: Unlimited sighter shots in 5 minutes, any position, single loaded.
  • Slow Standing: Ten (10) slow standing shots in 10 minutes, single loaded, no sling support.
  • Rapid Sitting: Ten (10) rapid fire sitting shots in 60 seconds, Two magazines loaded with 2/8 rounds.
  • Rapid Prone: Ten (10) rapid fire prone shots in 70 seconds,  Two magazines loaded with 2/8 rounds..
  • Slow Prone: Twenty (20) prone shots in 20 minutes, single loaded.

Each stage is preceded by a 3 minute preparation period used for assuming the shooting position, setting up equipment, and dry-firing.

In between stages, the firing line will be cleared and all rifles made safe so that a target crew can go downrange to retrieve and post targets. After the sighter stage, instead of changing targets, the target crew will apply pasters to your target. There will be no handling of rifles at all, for any reason, when the target crew is downrange.

Each shot will be scored for 5 to 10 points, with shots in the X-ring being worth 10. X's are also counted separately and used to break numerical ties. Shots outside of the 5-ring are counted as a Miss. There are 50 record shots in the match for a total of 500+50X possible points.

Club Classifications

Our club classification method is similar to that of NRA competition, with slight differences in the cutoffs. We also omit the Master and High Master Classifications. Our classifications are for club purposes only and do not apply at other venues.

Your highest score in a regular match determines your classification. Scores shot at a practice match do not count towards classification.

A shooter may make a one-time request to be permanently classified lower than their best score. This request is made to the XO in consultation with the score records-keeper.

Here is a Classification table for our 50 shot course of fire:

Expert90% to 100% (450 thru 500)
Sharpshooter80% to 89.9%(400 thru 449)
Marksman70% to 79.9%(350 thru 399)
Unclassifiedless than 70%(0 thru 349)

Suitable Rifle for our matches

A centerfire rifle with iron sights capable of holding at least 5 rounds inserted with a magazine or stripper clip.

Shooters compete with either Service rifle or Match rifles. Service rifles consist of M1 Garands, M1A's and AR-15 variant rifles. They must be of military profile, and equipped with front-post iron sights. Match rifles are bolt action rifles capable of accepting 5 rounds from a magazine or stripper clip. Optically sighted rifles compete in a separate match rifle category but compete using the same rules as the other highpower divisions.  The club has loaner service and match rifles available if you do not have your own.


Reporting of Scores

No, but they are published on our website and can be printed out for submission to the CMP for proof of participation in a competitive shooting event, if you want to purchase rifles through the CMP program.