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Sighter Stage

Sighters can be taken from any position.

The following sequence of commands is not intended as a guide rather it is a fixed set of words and events to be used exactly by the chief Range Officer or the person conducting the match over the public address system.

#1 Sighters
Relay number ___ to the firing line.
This is the first stage of the National Match Course, five sighting shots, then ten shots for record, slow fire, any position 200 yards.  Total time for sighting shots, five (5) minutes.  Your three minute preparation time will commence now.

Your three minute preparation period has ended, for five (5) sighting shots, slow fire, any position, five (5) minutes allowed, with one round, load.

Is the line ready?  The line is ready!
Ready on the left?  Ready on the right?
All ready on the firing line!
You may commence firing!

Cease fire!  Clear all weapons.
Is the line clear?  The line is (not) clear.
You may move forward to police your brass.

Relay number ___ go down range and paste targets.