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FAQ, General

When is my Renewal Due?
Membership Renewals are due before the Annual Club Meeting and General Election, the 3rd Week of May.

How much does highpower cost?
Club membership costs are listed here.

Beyond the costs of membership, highpower competition is a competitive sport. Like many sports, you can spend as little or as much as you want, it all depends what you are trying to get out of it.

We will provide you with a rifle when you first start out, but eventually you will want to get a rifle if you do not already have one. Many of our members do well with off the shelf CMP rifles or other rifles. Some members are involved in high level competition and own rifles that cost quite a bit more. Some members collect rifles of one kind or another and enjoy shooting each one in matches.

Besides the rifle, there are other costs including ammunition, or handloading components, shooting clothing, spotting scopes and stands, shooting stools, timers, tools, and other miscellaneous articles convenient for shooting. These articles will usually be collected over a period of time, rather than all at once.

The best advice is to start slow and buy equipment piece by piece. That way, you will have a chance to see what people are using at the match and how it performs.
Can I buy a rifle from your club?
The club does not sell M1 Garands.  By being a member in good standing, you can order M1 Garands from the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program).  See their website:  for more information on requirements, pricing and grading.

The results bulletins from our matches are considered proof of participation in an organized shooting activity, which is one of the requirements for purchasing rifles from the CMP.

If you would like to shoot a match with us, please refer here for more information on how to get started.
Do I need an expensive rifle to shoot?
All that is needed is a centerfire rifle with iron sights that can be loaded quickly with a minimum of 5 rounds from a clip, stripper clip or magazine. Some of the cheaper foreign military rifles are very good for this purpose, such as the Swiss K-31, Mauser K-98, Mosin Nagant, Arisaka, and the British Enfield, and many others.  We do schedule some matches just for vintage military bolt action rifles, and these are some of the rifles that have won.

These rifles may be inexpensive, but are in most cases of high quality and perfectly fine to get started in the club. They are available in many places, including your local sporting goods store.
Why should I join a club, when I can just go to the Rifle Range and shoot without anyone else?
By joining a club, you can be around others who enjoy the same sport, and participate in competition in an environment, where the competitors are knowledgeable and helpful. The club membership will offer help if help is needed, and advise where help can be obtained if nobody present has the expertise to help.

More specifically:

    * You will not have to sit in a bench.
    * You will be able to shoot at whatever speed is appropriate.
    * You will meet lots of fun people who are very knowledgeable and skilled shooters.
    * You will be able to participate in many different kinds of shooting activities not allowed on a general line.
    * You will learn to shoot better.
Isn't Zouaves Just an M1 Club?
No. Members shoot all kinds of rifles suitable for highpower competition. Most Zouaves have a match rifle or a match-prepped AR-15 or M1A along with their collection of CMP Garands.
What if it is Raining?
We have a covered line and there will still be some guys shooting. We will train you and you can shoot your match. Don't bother emailing to ask. The night before is too early to cancel, and the morning of is too late to cancel.
How do I Join your Club?
Please refer to our membership page for instructions
Do I need to be a member to shoot at Zouaves Matches?
Yes, only members can shoot at our matches.