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FAQ, New Shooters

Can I come and shoot with the Zouaves?
Of course!  In order to shoot with the Zouaves, you must first join as a member (insurance reasons, dont'cha know) and attend our New Shooters clinic on the first Saturday of any month.  Sorry, but you can't skip the clinic and no, non members may not generally shoot during our practice and club matches.  

What will happen at new shooter day?

A typical new shooter day proceeds as follows:
  • Show up to 200 yard range, (top of the hill), at Field Sports Park, at 8AM
  • Pay your fees and submit your member application form.
  • If you don't have your own rifle to use, surrender your Drivers License (as collateral) and be issued a loaner club M1 Garand rifle for the day.
  • An instructor will take you up the hill to be trained on the use of club rifles and match procedures.
  • When instruction is complete, you will go to the target area to be trained on scoring and target preparation.
  • When it is your turn, you will go to the line and shoot the match.
  • You should be done by 1:00 PM
How long will it take?
You should be done by 1:00 PM.

How much does it cost?
In order to shoot with the Zouaves, you must first become a member which means paying the "New member initiation fee".  In addition, to use the county range for the day, you must pay the "County range fee".  Click here for the current listing of those fees.

What do I need to bring?
Your Picture ID, cash to cover your fees, your M1/AR15 rifle, at least 60 rounds of ammo, and you. We have everything else you need to shoot, however there are some things that will make the experience easier/better.
  • We offer loaner eyeglasses and earmuffs and we sell in-ear plugs for a dollar a pair. If you have your own eye and ear protection, you're welcome to use that instead.
  • The firing line is covered, but a hat can still help minimize glare and distractions.
  • No matter what time of year it is, you should bring a coat with some padding to it, or at the very least a sweatshirt. You will be wearing a sling on your off-arm (left if you are right-handed) and resting on your elbows for an extended period of time. The firing line is a dusty place; It should not be your favorite coat
  • Wear pants. You will be sitting/lying on the firing line, which is an abrasive environment. Also, there are places for snakes, ticks, and other pests to hide around the range area.
  • Gas operated rifles will eject brass to the right and will often land on someone one or two positions over. Wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt/sweatshirt with elastic cuffs will help prevent hot brass from "distracting" you while you're shooting.
  • We try to provide water, but stuff happens. Bring a bottle of water just in case.
  • It could not hurt to bring a pen. There always seems to be a shortage...
Do I need to bring a rifle?
No. You may bring your own rifle if you wish (see below) but we are glad to lend you a club rifle at no charge.  HOWEVER, due to the new California laws that took effect 1 Jan 2018, we can no longer sell you ammunition.  You must bring your own ammo!  If you're shooting your own rifle, bring at least 60 rounds of ammo for the match and sighters.  If you plan to borrow a club M1 Garand, bring 60 rounds of military surplus (non corrosive) 3006 ball or new factory "Garand Safe" ammunition.  No hand loads.  The ammo you bring will be inspected for suitability before you're issued a club M1 loaner.  

I already have a Garand, M1A, or AR-15. Can I use mine for my first match?
Yes, if it is in safe working condition.

Can I use my own rifle for training? 
Yes, we are generally quite inclusive about what rifles are suitable for competition, we suggest that you bring your rifle and we'll determine if it is OK for use in the match, if it is not, we will let you draw a club rifle for the day.
For the clinic, we shoot the new-shooter match at a more relaxed pace to keep you from becoming overwhelmed.  The rapid fire stages of the course require a reload and some rifles are not magazine or stripper guide equipped and may have difficulties during these stages.  For the new-shooter match, we do allow you the time to reload so it will still be an educational and fun experience.
Do I need to make an appointment or call ahead?
No. Just show up at 8:00 AM

What if I am late?
If you arrive after training begins, you'll miss part of the safety training. Since this is unsafe, you will not be allowed to shoot so show up on time!