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FAQ, Scoring Procedure

San Jose Zouaves

Guidelines for Producing Results Bulletins:

Summary: Club match results need to be published in a timely manner and made available in a form that's easy to read and print. The fastest and best way to accomplish this is to use the scoring program on the club laptop to enter scores during the match, and send the results to the webmaster for publication on the club website.

Introduction: Publishing match results in a consistent and timely manner is a key function of the club. The responsibility for producing results bulletins (scores) falls to the executive officer, who is in charge of all matches, but historically the work has been handled by various members of the executive committee. Recently, the preparation of scores is being handled by a wider circle of club members. This document covers the club resources and procedures for producing and publishing results bulletins.

Any published results bulletin should meet the following minimum standards:
  • Bulletins should be published in html or text because those formats do not require an external program like MS Office, or clone.
  • They should be formatted to display and print to one page. This makes it easy for people who need printouts, especially for CMP submission.
  • The files should list match winner, shooter class, high stage, scores, equipment notes,  NRA and CMP numbers, and other club information.
  • The scores should be published to a consistent and convenient place where members can easily and reliably find them.
General Procedure for Handling Scores
  • If computer is available at the beginning of the match: Targets are scored directly to the scoring program. Target crew reads off scores to member using computer.
  • If computer is not available right away, Targets are scored onto paper scoresheets and later entered to scoring program.
  • If computer is not available at match. Targets are scored onto paper scoresheets and given over for later preparation.
  • Results are prepared for publication by entering and saving the match scores and submitting the scorefile.
  • Results are published on the club website.
Club Resources
  • Computer The club has a laptop computer and AC power at the range for the purposes of scorekeeping.
  • Scoring Software The laptop has a custom scoring program as well as office applications.
  • Flashdrive: The computer kit includes a flash drive for taking scores home independent of the computer.
  • Website The club has a website where scores are published and archived.
Scoring Software. The club has a program specifically designed for entering scores and preparing results bulletins. This is by far the most efficient way to prepare scores. The program has fast data entry, adds and sorts shooters by results and class, and automatically formats the results for printing, Several club members are trained in the use of this program and can teach new users how to enter scores. The program is installed on the club laptop, but if the laptop is not available, the program is attached below for use offsite.

Scoring Template. You must load the "blank.xml" template (attached below) into the scoring program before entering any scores. This template contains much of the setup information necessary to produce a properly formatted and annotated scoresheet. If you do not use the template, you will have to enter this information by hand before submission for publication.

Submitting the Scorefile to the webmaster. The XML scorefile created by the program can taken home on a flash drive to be emailed to the webmaster. The computer kit includes a flashdrive for this purpose if another drive is not available.

Using Excel is no longer recommended. While Excel has historically been used to prepare scores, it has several shortcomings that make it less desirable than using the scoring program. It takes much longer to enter score data into Excel than into the score program It requires extra cells to keep track of score, x-count, high stage. Keeping track of  x-count, winner, classifications, and high stage must be done by hand. It requires a lot of hand work to format the final sheet to print correctly to one page. Even when done correctly, the scoresheet does not look as good as the output from the scoring program. If excel absolutely must be used, please use a properly formatted bulletin as your starting point, such as the example attached below. Although html, the example bulletin is a working spreadsheet with formulas and formatting intact. When saving an excel-based score bulletin, please save the file as html. This ensures that members will not need a special program to read the file.

NOTE: The Scorekeeper is ultimately responsible for performing the job assigned to him by the XO, which is the preparation and submission of a correct and properly formatted Score Bulletin that adheres to club policy. The webmaster has the right to return any submissions that do not meet these guidelines.

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