San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club

Welcome to the San Jose Zouaves!

Welcome to the San Jose Zouaves High Power Rifle Club!

The San Jose Zouaves (pronounced ZWA-AVs) is a high power rifle club founded to encourage organized rifle competition among civilian shooters, with an emphasis on safety, marksmanship fundamentals, firearm education, and good sportsmanship.

Our club is affiliated with and officially sanctioned by both the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP #Y62186) and the National Rifle Association's Competitive Shooting Program (NRA #R1563).

We are located in San Jose California, and call the Santa Clara Field Sports Park 200 yard range home.

The Zouaves hosts the open to the public Santa Clara County Match Day every first Saturday of every month. We also host and run an open to the public Juniors Program every second Saturday of every month. And for Zouave club members, a Club Match every third Saturday of every month is held. Plenty of opportunity to learn, compete and hone your skills!

We are an open club (accepting new members) and welcome everyone within traveling distance. We are also more than happy to make any required special accommodation for those with physical limitations. Please click through the links on the left of this page to learn more, or reach out to for more information.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you on the range!