San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club

About Our Club

The San Jose Zouaves (pronounced ZWA-AVs) is a high power rifle club with the aim of encouraging organized rifle competition amongst civilian shooters, with an emphasis on safety, fundamental marksmanship, firearms knowledge, and good sportsmanship.

Our club is affiliated with and officially sanctioned by both the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP #Y62186) and the National Rifle Association's Competitive Shooting Program (NRA #R1563). We are located in San Jose California, and call the Santa Clara Field Sports Park 200 yard range home.

Our club has a practice match each month on the first Saturday and an official match each month on the third Saturday. The first Saturday is also our New Shooter Clinic where shooters new to highpower competition are given instruction and coaching in a learning environment both on and off the firing line. Click here for details on our New Shooters program. After competing in an official match, shooters will have completed one of the requirements for purchasing an M1 Garand from the CMP [More Information]. We have M1 Garand rifles available to borrow for members and eligible new shooters. In addition, new shooters may bring their own rifles with either iron or optical sights if they meet our skill requirements (See the New Shooters FAQ).

The club also runs a Junior program on the Second Saturday of the month. Juniors age 10-18 years of age are welcome to participate in our training program, which emphasizes safe handling of small bore rifles, fosters good sportsmanship, and improves overall shooting abilities. Scout Troops, ROTC Programs, and other organized groups are welcome, but should contact us ahead of time (by sending an email to if their group is larger than 10 people.

In addition to our regular schedule, the Zouaves host several special events throughout the year.These events include vintage rifle matches, precision rifle matches, time and accuracy matches, and other matches of interest to our members.

There is a long history behind the Zouaves name [Wikipedia Article]. And in fact the San Jose Zouaves also has a history dating back to the 1970s. Through our mission of creating citizen sharpshooters both young and old, we hope to preserve a long tradition that has served our country well, both at home and abroad.

Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you on the range!