San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club

Juniors Program

The San Jose Zouaves Juniors Program is held on the second Saturday of every month, and all shooters must be signed in by 8:30 AM. Depending on group size, you can expect the day to complete anywhere from 11:30 AM - 1PM. The program is open to children from 10-20 years of age and is free to all. However if you wish to donate to the Program we will gladly accept a contribution of $5 per shooter to help cover ammunition and target costs.

Parents/Guardians of Juniors: If you are bringing fewer than 10 children with you, just come down to our facilities on the second Saturday of the month with your juniors. You do not need to make arrangements ahead of time.

  • You need only bring
    1. A signed consent form , signed by a parent/guardian, for each junior attending (attached below).
    2. The County Of Santa Clara Field Sports County Park RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT (also attached below).
  • All shooters MUST be signed in by 8:30am the day of the event; anyone arriving after 8:30am will not be allowed to participate in the program! The program is an educational progression of safety, equipment and shooting training, with each new section building upon the previous. All students who wish to shoot must start from the beginning.
Junior Clubs: If you are an organizer bringing more than 10 children with you, please contact us at at least two weeks in advance to let us know.

If your group is part of an annual organized activity, please contact us early in your yearly scheduling process.


Photos from a Juniors Event