San Jose Zouaves Rifle Club

Juniors FAQ

How can my child participate in Juniors Day?
Details are on our Juniors Program Page.

Do I need to call ahead of time to bring my child?
You do not need to make arrangements ahead of time to bring your juniors to our program, unless you are bringing a large group. Please refer to our Juniors Program Page for more details

How much does juniors day cost?
The Program is free to all. However if you would like to donate, we will gladly accept a $5 per shooter contribution to help cover ammo and target costs.

Does my child need to bring anything to participate?
We provide everything your child will need to learn to shoot safely.

You need only bring a signed consent form for each child shooting, and the County Of Santa Clara Field Sports County Park RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT .

What should my child wear and how should they dress for shooting?
Participants should wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, and no open shoes. This limits the possible hazard caused by hot brass and gets them in the right frame of mind for any future endeavors with the shooting sports.

When should we arrive, and how long should we plan to be there?
All shooters MUST be signed in by 8:30am; anyone arriving after 8:30am will not be allowed to participate, so please be early. The program is an educational progression of safety, equipment and shooting training, with each new section building upon the previous. All students who wish to shoot must start from the beginning.

Depending on the size of the group, you can expect to be wrapping up for the day by around 11:30am. Bigger groups may finish a little later.

Is my child too young / too old to shoot as a Junior?
Juniors 10-20 can shoot in our program. For more information, Please refer to our Juniors Program Page.

What is the Juniors 4 Position Skill Course?
The 4 Position Skill Course is intended for juniors who have gone through our normal program and wish to expand their shooting skills. Please see our NRA 4 Position Skill Course page for more details.